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We are always happy to hear from individuals with diverse backgrounds (neuroscience, biology, physics, math and computer science), who are interested in our research. Different opportunities exist to join our team.

Volunteers, rotation and undergraduate students are always welcomed!

Currently we are seeking to fill multiple positions  to work on the following projects:

Bio-electronic nose (neurotechnology)

Postdoctoral researcher  will lead a project to develop a brain-computer interface to decode olfactory sensory responses in order to build universal, versatile, and super sensitive chemical detector based on the rodent olfactory system. This applied project is an expansion of the central direction of the lab focused on fundamental questions of olfactory coding, using multiple technological and computational approaches. An ideal candidate should have experience in multielectrode recording techniques and data analysis methods. Good surgical skills are a big plus. 

Basic principles of the olfactory coding

Research Scientist  will participate in managing multiple projects in the lab and lead her/his own research project related to main research topics.

​Postdoctoral researcher at the interface of computational systems neuroscience and advanced neurotechnology will lead one of the projects related to main research topics. This is an excellent opportunity for computationally and technologically inclined candidates to find their niche in-between developing cutting edge technologies and applying the technologies to fundamental scientific questions.  An ideal candidate should have a background in neuroscience, physics/engineering and math. Knowledge and experience in optics, imaging, multi-neuron physiology and computational methods are a big plus. 


Interested applicants should email a cover letter and CV to 



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