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Lab members:

Principal Investigator


After receiving Ph.D. in Physics from Weizmann Institute of Science, I switched to Neurobiology. My adventure in olfactory processing started with discovering dramatic differences between olfactory bulb dynamics in awake and anesthetized mice (Rinberg-2006). The work of my lab in Janelia Farm (2006-2012) led to establishing temporal limits of behavior and neural processing in the sense of smell. I joined NYU Medical School in 2012. (CV)



Postdoctoral Scientist


After completing my Ph.D. in applied physics I worked in the electro-optics high tech industry for a numebr of years. Currently I am focusing on research combining the fields of optics and neuroscience. I am interested in developing and using multiphoton optogenetic tools for fine spatiotemporal stimulation and imaging in order to study the spatiotemporal neural activity features that guides behavior and decision making.


Postdoctoral Scientist

I am attempting to develop a bio-electronic nose. The mammalian olfaction is more sensitive than any electro-chemical detector currently available. Being able to interface to the early olfaction system and decode the odor footprints recognized will present an ultra-sensitive sensor. This may unlock a myriad of applications, including early detection of diseases, precision agriculture and more.

I have always been passionate about combining applications and science. My background includes more than a decade in the high-tech industry. I received a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Technion , a MSc in Engineering from Tel Aviv University and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Technion.

Postdoctoral Scientist

Ph.D. student

Ph.D. student


I study how expectation and experience alter sensory representations. In colloboartion with Froemke lab, I use 2-photon imaging, optogentics and behavioral experiments to explore how neuromodulatory systems support changes in sensory perception in both the auditory and olfactory systems.

I received my B.A. in Psychology from NYU in 2008 before working as a research technician in the labs of Dr. George Alvarez at Harvard University and Dr. Ann Graybiel at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Pedro Herrero Vidal

Ph.D. student

Sara Stark

Research technician, lab manager

Shannon Toole

Research technician

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Shy Shoham               NYU Medical School, Tech4Health

Thomas Bozza         Department of Neurobiology, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Alexei Koulakov         Cold Spring Harbour Laboaratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Stefano Panzeri         Italian  Institute of Technology

Itamar Kahn                Technion, Haifa, Israel




Erwan Poivet

Ezequiel Arneodo          Postdoc, UCSD

Sasha Devore                Senior Editor, Nature Neuroscience

Jagdish Patel                 Postdoc, Pfizer

Matt Smear                   Assistant Professor, University of Oregon, Eugene

Roman Shusterman     Research Professor, University of Oregon, Eugene

Rod O’Connor                PI, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques, LIMOGES, FRANCE



Christopher Wilson

Johanes Kappel

Kristina Penikis             Ph.D. student,CNS NYU

Arbora Resulaj              Postdoc, UCSD


Gabriela Serrano.           NYU Neuroscience Institute 

Angelika Pickens

Hans Ma

Admir Resulaj               Ph.D. student, Northwestern University


David Markowitz           IARPA

Yevgeniy Sirotin            Scitor

Adam Dewan:                Northwestern University

Meliz Yilmaz:                 Caltech

Daniel Wesson:             Department of Neurosciences, Case Western Reserve University, 


Summer and rotation students, volunteers:

Lauren Ryan, Alexandra Dolzhina, Roman Huzar, David Godovich, Maya Laughton, Dana Tsipenyuk, Angela Licata, Anthony Oganov, Rachel Swanson, Nibir Amin, Niyaz Arif, Andrew Matheson, Akash Pillai, Leeann Ozer, Sebastian Opheusden, Zoe Talbot, Alexandre Casadevall, Hannah Bernstein, Anders Laan, Utsav Goel, Dylan Rich

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